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Nathan – Executive Producer

Personally, I find the world of online marketing fascinating and love how it is constantly evolving. I’m passionate about helping clients achieve relevance in the marketplace and that’s what I feel our agency does better than anyone else.

The marketplace is flooded with smooth-talking media “gurus” that use fancy terms and metrics to sell their services. While I have a solid working knowledge of media and online marketing, I am really good at breaking down the barriers to understanding it all, especially when I meet with clients. I draw off my skills as a former teacher to educate clients about the ever-changing trends and technologies involved in marketing so they feel empowered to make informed decisions.

Whether we do business or not, it’s always for the right reasons; because we take the time to make sure we’re a good fit for one another.

Amber – Client Services Manager

I love being behind the scenes and maintaining the financial aspects of Keech Media while managing a demanding family life.

My 10+ year experience in corporate management prove valuable in making sure processes are followed and client satisfaction remains paramount. I have a particular eye for detail and like when I find mistakes so we can get them corrected right away.

Harry Odone – Business Development Director

Laurie Levine – Account Executive

Michael – Content Writer

I am a story enthusiast, so crafting the words that reflect Keech Media and its clients is a challenge that constantly energizes me. My passion is encountering a client’s personality and using that encounter as a springboard to produce media that brings clarity and inspiration to its target audience. Working with Keech Media allows me to continue cultivating that passion in collaboration with others who feel the same way.

Steve – Producer / Director

I have loved films ever since I was a kid watching E.T. That movie hit all the buttons for me: scary, funny, sad. As an adult I succeeded in various careers, but I eventually went back to my first love and learned everything I could about great filmmaking.

After 12+ years in the industry, I’ve picked up a few unique skills that really differentiate my work. However, I’d like to think I’m still learning. I always strive to tell the right story and make the client proud. Ultimately, it’s my greatest fulfillment when people ask, “How did you do that?”

Erika – Marketing and Client Services Coordinator

I love using my organizational and creative skills on a daily basis to better serve our clients and make sure their online appearance is the best it can be. I have a passion for helping others, so my role of Marketing & Client Services Coordinator is a rewarding experience. My strong attention to detail helps keep projects on track and also serves to help manage all the various online marketing we do for our clients.

"Building relationships begins with TRUST... Here is why our clients LOVE us:

  • Keech Media has come through for me on more than one occasion. They have provided creative, innovative, polished and professional work in video and print format, and are always willing to share their expertise and new ideas. My favorite project was a video “commercial” for my company that we have on our website. I would highly recommend Keech Media.

    Jennifer Brigham
  • Keech Media is a highly motivated, talented and creative marketing team with a wide-ranging knowledge of technology and communications solutions for businesses of the 21st Century. Combined with their high standard of integrity and commitment to the very best quality in all that they do, I am very comfortable in recommending them to other business people.

    Stephen Henning, Producer / Director at Lakes Country Living
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