Once you’ve defined and documented your identity with a mission and vision statement, how do you find your voice? Once you’ve taken due diligence in documenting what your business is about, you’ve earned the pleasure of sharing your identity with your target market. It’s time to build your brand.

Like many elements of business, building your brand is starts with simplicity. Evan Carmichael starts with a single word: Believe. That’s what he’s about.

For us, it’s a phrase: Smart Marketing. Better Results. And everything we say and do has this phrase between the lines. When it comes to marketing, knowing who you are is the first step and knowing your brand is the second. Then, it’s all about balance: your mission is to maintain consistency and, at the same time, explore new ways to express the ever- evolving personality of your business. Here are just a few considerations that make up your brand:

Your color scheme
Colors bring emotion. What do you want your consumers to feel? For examples of how a color scheme can speak for a business, check out our design portfolio.

Your tagline
It might be who you are and what you do. (“Smart Marketing. Better Results.”) It might also be a phrase that reflects your personality or values. (“Just Do It.”)

Your go-to marketing channels
What are the pillars that compose your marketing homestead? Consider your goals, the personality you’ve defined for your business, and the needs of your consumers.

Your voice
Is the tone of your content formal or casual? Is it in first person or third person? Is it inspirational? Informative? Funny? Convicting? It’s good to say “all of the above” and decide on a case-by- case basis, but you also want to promote a consistency that gives your consumers the impression that your business is a singular, well-rounded “person.”

For examples of how your identity can effectively define your colors, content, voice, and other creative elements that are fundamental to your brand, contact us for a complimentary consultation.


By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern



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