We’re all about unique projects, especially when we’re working with a company like Bituminous Roadways, Inc. to showcase time-tested quality. When Heidi Sedlacek, marketing coordinator for Bituminous Roadways (BR), inquired about aerial photography, we were eager to establish a partnership.

Every year, BR produces a calendar for its existing and prospective customers, employees, and other stakeholders, printing and distributing about 3,500 calendars total. As a company specializing in the design, construction, and maintenance of asphalt pavement areas, BR’s annual calendar calls for a bird’s-eye view of its work. When they approached Keech Media, they found that and more.

“I had taken a look at the website,” Heidi said, “just to look at [Keech Media’s] capabilities, and liked what I saw. I also liked that they did more than just photography– that it was graphic design, website development, some marketing consultation– those types of things.”

After hearing about the project, our executive producer, Nathan Keech, suggested we don’t stop at just still photography. What if, during the aerial sessions, we gain the still images for the calendar and some great video footage?

“…it really made sense for me to [multitask],” Heidi decided. And so the Keech Media team shot both still photography and video during the aerial sessions, cutting labor costs and producing multiple end products for multiple media channels.

“In the future, if we need video, [we’ll] have this library of footage,” Heidi said. “Looking forward, I hope to do some video case studies, or maybe use some footage for an [overview video]. So it just made more sense to do everything that way.”

We love content repurposing and loved talking with BR about the multiple ways they plan to use their still photos and video footage. “…we produce a poster every year for the Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Association,” Heidi said, “ and four of the projects that we’ve shot will go on this poster. They also do a call for calendar photos, and I will be submitting a few of our options that we’ve done with Keech Media. I’ve also submitted an award
application for one of the locations that we were at. So it’s not only for the calendar, but there are other projects for which we’ll be using the photography.”

For Heidi and BR, what set Keech Media apart? “The word that comes to my mind is integrity,” Heidi said. “He’s building not only a professional relationship, but a personal relationship, too, which I value. He wants to build relationship with his customers.”

Both Keech Media and BR are passionate about sustained quality and better results, and that makes us an excellent partnership for the long term. “I’m just looking forward to what might be some future projects that we’ll work on,” Heidi said. “I hope that we can continue the relationship, move forward, and do some great things.”


By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern



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