Busy with high demand for paintless dent removal, full vehicle wraps, and other vehicle decal services, Finishing Touch Car Care Inc. didn’t have time to shop and re-shop for web and media services.

“We’ve always had internet companies doing our website for us,” owner Dan Meyer says, “…we’d be looking pretty good on the internet for a couple of months– we’d be paying them monthly– and, all of a sudden, we would have no presence at all. So we’d go to another company and try them, and no consistency with anybody.”

Many of Keech Media’s client relationships start with a single project. That’s how it started for Finishing Touch Car Care– through video production. “We wanted to do some TV commercials, Dan says, “so I found Keech through the Woodbury Chamber [events]. We would see them at those events and started talking to them…and we heard about them from a couple of other people [who] were happy with their service. So we decided to jump on with the commercials…they shot four commercials for us, and we decided to move on from there with our website.”

We had our work cut out for us, because Finishing Touch Car Care has services worth sharing– Dan and the crew have invested a lot in their ability to deliver. “We go through extensive training to do vehicle wraps and banners,” Dan says, “We also do clear protection film by 3M on the front of cars. We make sure we’re really good at it before we get into any type of business, with anything that we do. We’re fully trained.”

We wanted to show them web results as powerful and reliable as their car restoration. Since we launched their directory submission and Search Engine Optimization services at the end of April 2016, Finishing Touch Car Care has seen an increase of about 37% in their online traffic. Over time, their bounce rate (people leaving their website in 10 seconds or less) has decreased by 7%, while time spent on their website is generally going up by 15%. “We got an excellent response,” Dan says, “people coming in the door. We’re getting a really good turnout…so we decided to do the same thing with FTCC Graphics. He built that website for us and is doing the SEO…our website presence looks a lot better.”

We were thrilled when Dan credited “customer service” as the trait that sets Keech Media apart, because customer service and communication are foundational to better results. “They come in every month for a meeting,” Dan says, “to make sure they’re performing for us and introducing new things for our business that will help us get more people into our door. 


By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern 



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