Lately, we’ve been exploring the ways in which a brand personifies your business. We’ve talked about the importance of defining and documenting your business’s personality, building your brand, and using a brand guide to manage your brand’s evolution.

This week, we want to share a foundational element to your business’s personality by asking a question: as a business, what are your value propositions?

As a consumer, why do you come back to your favorite restaurants, service providers, consultants, or retailers? Patrick Bet-David divides the most common reasons into six categories– we like to call them value propositions– that generally bring customers back on a regular basis: Fast. Cheap. Quality. Luxury. User-friendly. Customer service.

Which value propositions keep customers coming back to your business? When it comes to sharing your brand, focus on your value propositions.

Customer Experience is Valuable
When Patrick talks about customer service, he also introduces customer experience. “Think about customer service as reactive,” he says. Think of it as addressing a complaint or promptly fixing an issue. It’s important stuff. Customer experience, however, goes a step further. It’s about being proactive– going above and beyond and taking little steps to delight your customers.

Keech Media loves new customers, but the foundation of our business rests on client retention. In order to keep clients on board for the long-term, we’re all about customer experience. For us, customer experience is about consistent communication, along with high quality and best-value services. We take every opportunity to serve as a one-stop- shop for our clients’ media marketing needs, and it keeps them on board and also telling others about their experiences with us.

No matter your other value propositions, pursue great customer service and (even better) customer experience as a foundational value. And it’s not limited to the six that Patrick mentions. Consider these steps and questions:

1. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Or, better yet, ask your customers: what keeps them coming back to your business? These are your value propositions.
2. How can you make your value propositions known to your market?
3. What actions can you take– little or big– to give your customers awesome
experiences, causing them to come back regularly as loyal patrons?
4. Which value propositions represent growth opportunities for your business? What little steps can you take to enhance customers’ experiences in these areas?


By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern



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