The Four Fundamentals of Sustainable Marketing

Part Three: Defining and Designing

After selecting your marketing land and establishing your foundation, it’s time to define and design your marketing framework—the media “pillars” that will support your outreach and attract consumers to your website.

Design your Framework—Fundamental #3
Almost always, the marketing outreach that forms your framework will be categorized as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing involves providing content that is valuable to consumers. Through videos, blogs, social media, podcasts, and countless other outlets, you can create media that, through the Internet, is working day-and- night on behalf of your business to raise awareness and promote relationship. You’re drawing people to your website by giving them value, rather than relying solely on a sales-pitch or an ad.

The way you design and build your marketing framework is a lot like designing a physical home—your choices depend on your end goals and your resources. It’s your marketing homestead; build the framework that fits your business, and remodel as your goals and resources evolve. Consider just a few examples, below.

Relevant, dynamic, artistic, and concise—excellent for inspiring consumers to pursue you further. For an example of a production that informs and inspires, check out this promo for Woodbury clothing boutique, Sisu.

Written content

Clear, informative, essential for search engines, and flexible—written content can be as comprehensive a blog or as brief as a catchy caption. You’ll need both in order to connect with consumers. Make it attractive to search engines, comprehensive, and easy to navigate.

Social Media
Personable, current, adaptable, and interactive—social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others provide an atmosphere for consumers and businesses to bond. It’s about connecting with consumers on an even more personal level and cultivating conversation that is relevant to your target audience. When built correctly, your social media will create a measured following of consumers who are eager to encounter your personality as well as your promotions, new products, announcements, and more. Check out MyWoodburyMN on Facebook to see an example of how social media can establish an excellent marketing “pillar,” giving your business a platform to cultivate conversation.

Just like a physical homestead, the design of your marketing framework will always be open to remodeling. In order to pursue the right developments, however, you need to view your “pillars” as united under one roof. In part four, we’ll explore how your marketing strategy is the rooftop over your homestead. We’ll also explain why starting your rooftop doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds.

By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern



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