The Four Fundamentals of Sustainable Marketing

Part Four: Roofing and Renovating

First, we introduced the marketing landscape. Then, we talked about the foundation of it all—your website—and gave some examples of good pillars to form your framework. Let’s explore how the last marketing fundamental complements your homestead and sets you up for constant renovation.


Secure your Rooftop—Fundamental #4
A solid foundation and consistent framework of inbound marketing “pillars” is an excellent start to marketing outreach, and it will put you ahead of many competitors. A step further, however, is finding ways to synthesize your individual “pillars” to form a marketing strategy.

“Marketing strategy?” You might be saying, “That’s way beyond my budget.” But not so! If you’ve already been thinking intentionally about which marketing “pillars” work best for you, you’ve already begun your marketing strategy. From there, consider how your “pillars” relate to each other. Do they compliment each other or compete with each other? Do they work together to provide a smooth path to your website? How can they connect even more seamlessly and reach out to different consumers in various situations? How can you eliminate distractions?

In future posts, we’ll explore specific applications for marketing strategy. This post is focused on first things first—when you’ve intentionally chosen your marketing landscape, established an excellent foundation, and assembled a purposeful framework, you’re already equipped to cap your marketing homestead with a strategy that ties it all together.

Consider how your media works together and record your observations and ideas on paper. With that, you’ll have the raw materials to implement a tangible plan. With some research and perhaps a little help, you can keep it going into a fully measurable and ongoing analysis that, like any other business plan, helps you make informed decisions, measure your Return On Investment, and manage change.

Start Renovating and Scan the Horizon
In the marketing landscape, your homestead is always evolving. No matter how robust your foundation, framework, or rooftop, they will require maintenance and occasional remodels. But the reward for establishing these elements properly is marketing that works day-and- night for you.

Choose your land intentionally and build right the first time. You’ll find your efforts multiplied drastically through new leads, brand awareness, customer loyalty, search engine visibility, and much more. While those who cut corners are busy keeping their marketing media from collapsing, you’ll be scanning the marketing landscape, looking for your next development.


By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern



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