Meet Nathan Keech, owner and executive producer at Keech Media. Although a lot has changed since he started producing digital media professionally back in 1999, some things have stayed the same– like the rewards of his work. “I’m an entrepreneur at heart,” Nathan says. “I love it when my business succeeds, and I love it when other businesses succeed as a result of what we do for them.”

Nathan has known sales ever since he was a kid “selling gumballs in fourth grade.” Now, his work generally requires that he flip-flop between two hats. Within his sales role, it’s all about “entering a relationship with another business in which we are actually going to make a difference in their lives. And I can say that with confidence. A salesperson has to believe in what they’re selling to be successful.”

After Nathan and a client confirm business goals, he goes to work as Keech Media’s executive producer. From the network of video producers, content writers, social media managers, web designers, and other specialists that he has come to trust, Nathan will select a team to match each specific project. “I’m overseeing any number of projects at any given time, which has been very, very rewarding,” Nathan says, “because I get to see the result that my input initially has and then see it come to fruition.”

It’s hard to know which hat is his favorite– sales or production. Sales has always been his chance to grow his network and connect with like-minded business owners. “As a small business owner, myself,” Nathan said, “[clients and I] share so many of the same challenges. And we can really play off of some of our own experience and talk about those challenges in [our] conversation, you know? It helps me relate to them on a very personal level.”

When it comes to digital media production, though, it’s hard to not get excited about new media channels and marketing methods that are expanding in the industry. Regarding the immediate future, Nathan says, “Video blogging, I think, is really going to start taking off. I’m really excited about the prospects and the opportunity to help businesses with their shorter ‘bite-sized’ content.”

No matter which hat Nathan is wearing, he is an example of work ethic, passion, and integrity on every project– and we love working with him.


By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern 



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