When we sit down with clients, one of the first things we want to know is how well they know themselves. Have they defined who they are, what they do, and why and how they do it?

Before you start any marketing, make sure you’ve documented your identity with a mission statement (what do you want to accomplish now? Why? How?) and a vision statement (what do you want to accomplish in the long-term? Why? How?). Most
businesses could tell you what they’re about, but distilling that knowledge into concise statements is a challenge that’s worth the time and effort involved.

But what makes it so important? Every marketing effort you make will flow out of the identity you’ve defined for your business. Drawn from one of Dave Ramsey’s presentations at EntreLeadership’s Master Series event; here are three reasons why your documented identity needs to weigh in on every decision you make:

It keeps you from fatal distraction. “A mission statement is an out-of- bounds marker,” Ramsey says, “It defines what you are not as much as what you are…” The danger of distraction applies to marketing just as much as anything else. Stay focused on your goals and your target audience.

It reminds you, and your market, of what you can do. What are your go-to products and/or services, and what marketing initiatives will make your specific skillset shine?

It reveals your personality, dreams, passions, and values. Why does your business exist? Where do you want to take it? Questions like these are the elements that inspire both you and your customers to continue doing business.

You can’t truly present yourself if you don’t know yourself. Invest in creating a vision and mission statement, and the insight will set you on the road to marketing success. Need help defining and documenting your identity and using it to connect with your market? Contact us for a free consultation, and look for next week’s post, where we’ll discuss how you can transform your unique identity into your brand.


By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern



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