When it comes to converting, engaging, and selling to consumers or business clients, what’s the most effective medium? If you had to guess, you’ll probably pick the medium that most recently or powerfully struck you. If you’re like many, you picked video.

Video Done Right
While a poorly-produced video makes your brand less attractive to consumers, videos produced with consistency and quality will powerfully attract users to conversion. Why? Because captivation precedes communication. Consumers are eager to connect with a
brand by experiencing direct value and relatability before they even make a purchase. It’s not just about the biggest billboard or the most web ads– it’s about showing consumers what you have to offer by providing media that really matters to them in the way that they want to receive it.

Here are a few reasons why Keech Media considers video to be one of the most foundational elements involved with almost any marketing portfolio, including dynamic statistics from sources like the Animoto Online and Social Video Marketing Study.

1. It’s an industry standard. According to Animoto, one in four consumers will
actually lose interest in a company if the company doesn’t have video. That means
consumers consider the use of quality video to be a fundamental litmus test for
whether or not the business understands their communication preferences. Quality
video means credibility.
2. It’s popular. Animoto discovered that four times as many consumers would rather
watch a video about a product than read about it. Insivia reports that 90% of users
say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision-making process.
3. It’s powerful. Compelling video content is one of the most dynamic mediums when
it comes to lead conversion. Unbounce reports that using video on landing pages can
increase conversion by 80%.
4. It’s versatile. Because you want a variety of content for different consumers, think
about re-editing a video into 30- or 15-second commercials, or using the video
script as an outline for a blog post or sales sheet. When it comes to getting the
biggest return on your investment, video content is a great resource for creative
media repurposing.

For every value proposition and every target audience, there is an ideal medium. While
video isn’t the right media channel for every marketing landscape, it’s a popular, powerful,
and versatile way to connect with your market. For help discovering the media channels
that fit your marketing goals, contact us.


By Keech Media | By Michael Finnern



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