Tools for your Marketing Campaign

Part 1: Defining your goals

In our Fundamentals series, we discovered that establishing your marketing homestead involves your goals, your website, your media outreach, and your strategy. In this series, we’re diving deeper into furnishing each area within your marketing homestead with specific, documented answers to key marketing questions. We’ll start by equating that process with a term that’s a little less wild-west: planning your marketing campaign.

According to’s Small Business Encyclopedia, a marketing campaign is a specific, defined series of activities used in marketing a new or changed product or service, or in using new marketing channels and methods. (emphasis ours)

Planning a marketing campaign involves focused answers to fundamental questions: why you’re marketing, who your audience is, what your message is, and where and when you’ll reach out. In order to help you plan your marketing campaigns, we’re excited to present effective tools and tips for addressing each part of the process.

Specific goals help to define success
As we mentioned in part one of our Four Fundamentals series, when it comes to building your marketing campaign, defining the “why” behind your marketing efforts is first priority. It specifies your goals, which, in turn, clarifies what success looks like for each particular campaign. Every campaign that you build must have a specific goal—or set of goals—at its foundation. But how do you define your goals?

The Tool: Check out step 1 of Content Marketing Institute’s workbook: Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program. It provides catalysts for defining your needs and strengths, including questions like the following:

– Are you a start-up that needs to gain awareness in the marketplace?
– Are you having difficulties distinguishing your business from your competition?
– Do you get lots of leads, but have trouble “closing the deal”?

Contact us for face-to- face help in finding the gaps in your sales funnel, specifying marketing goals that fit your needs, and leveraging your unique strengths to achieve results.

In the next post, we’ll explore how to define your target audience—finding the “who” behind your specific marketing goals.


By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern



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