We’ve talked about how to define your identity and use it to lay the foundation for your brand. Now, we want to share a tool to equip your brand for healthy, intentional expansion in conjunction with your evolving identity. When you’ve decided which elements reflect your identity, it’s time to document your decisions within a brand guide.

A brand guide is a living, breathing document. It keeps you grounded and empowers you to explore and expand your company’s personality. It defines boundaries for you and your employees regarding specific elements like color, tagline, go-to marketing channels, tone of voice, special behaviors and customer experiences, images, and more.

Check out a couple of the visual brand guides that we’ve created for our clients. When it comes to visuals like this, it’s all about conveying a consistent message of professionalism and personality to a target market.

Elements like these will surely grow and change as your business evolves, but having them documented from the start will keep you consistent in your communication and empower you to make intentional, measurable changes to the elements of your brand– on your own terms. With a brand guide, you and your employees are equipped to post social media, create sales material, partake in industry conversations, and more, with clear parameters surrounding your organization’s identity and personality.

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By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern



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