By the way…that call wasn’t Google!

Google scam callYour phone vibrates. “Hello?”

“Hello, this is Google business services. You’re receiving this call because our system has flagged a series of payment errors on your account. In order to help us correct this situation, please press 1 to speak with a Google service specialist.”

As we’re reading this, we might see the bologna from a mile away. But if this is a voice call, and our minds are distracted enough, and the situation sounds urgent enough, and “Google business services” sounds convincing enough, we might press 1 before we even realize something’s not right.

Unfortunately for us, that call wasn’t Google. It was a robocall—an illegal operation that uses automation to call massive numbers of people, gain their trust and interaction (e.g. “press 1,” “confirm your password,” “call this number,” and worse), and take advantage of the interaction for an illicit purpose that usually causes a headache for those who fall victim.

In this age of automation, robocalls and other illicit calls (not to mention emails and text messages) have increased to an epic scale around the world. And they’re not just really numerous—they’re also really, really convincing. According to an article posted by Webroot, a worldwide cybersecurity company, criminals use tactics like social engineering to gain people’s trust, because “it is usually easier to exploit your natural inclination to trust than it is to discover ways to hack your software.”

The article from Webroot has some great tips to help us avoid fraudulent phone calls. Also, check out what Google has to say about this. Like most of the big companies that scammers claim in these calls, Google will very rarely contact you over the phone and especially not using voice automation (unless you request it). Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise—not even a robocall!

Client Spotlight: EAPC Architects and Engineers

For EAPC Architects and Engineers, these five video blogs create an opportunity for potential clients to discover their passion and expertise.

EAPC Architects and Engineers wanted to show people the visual stories they tell through their interior design services. But they wanted that story to feel like sitting down face-to-face. Their goal was to build relationship with their target market.

“We reached out to Keech Media to help guide us in this important initiative,” said Lori Bakken, EAPC’s marketing director. “Keech Media presented solutions that were on target with our objectives of providing education to our existing and potential clients, specifically relating to interior design.”

Our team worked with EAPC to produce five video blogs (VLOGS) showcasing EAPC’s passion and expertise surrounding their interior design services. Lori was happy with the solution. “The VLOGS were, and will continue to be, another tool in our box to increase awareness to a broader base and really provide that education we feel is necessary for potential clients to make an informed decision on where to go when looking for interior design services.”

We shot the VLOGS at EAPC’s office location, working with their team to showcase a glimpse behind the scenes at EAPC. “With video VLOGS,” Bakken said, “our director of interior design was able to communicate what it’s like to work with EAPC, why we value collaboration with our clients, and what it means to EAPC to provide our clients with solutions that meet their specific needs.”

Check out one of our favorites—I Love That Show!—on EAPC’s YouTube channel.

The EAPC and Keech Media teams worked together to plan content for the project, and Keech Media shot, produced, and edited the primary and supporting clips for each VLOG. We then worked with EAPC on post-production tasks like adding the content to their website and setting them up to get the most out of their final product. “I thank Keech Media for their guidance and superb production skills in helping us meet our core objectives,” Bakken said.

We’re excited to watch the results that these VLOGS bring for EAPC. We’re also excited to work with them in the future to keep bringing value that builds relationships. “As a result of increased followers on social media, including LinkedIn,” Bakken said, “we will continue to produce VLOGS that will inform on many of our other architecture and engineering services including commissioning and LEAN methodologies as well as our design approach.”

In case you missed the VLOGs, check out EAPC’s YouTube channel. To get insight and ideas from other projects we’re working on with our clients, make sure to join Keech Media’s email list.

Video (Done Right) Brings Results

Drone video production
Sometimes, it takes a drone to get the right shot. Nathan and partners prepare for launch.

How many videos have you seen that actually gave you a negative impression of that business? A bad video hurts your brand. A great video blasts traffic to your website and makes your brand memorable.

Like most marketing, a great video is not out of anyone’s league. However, you need a creative process that effectively invests your time and resources into truly knowing your audience and catering to their needs. To help you start, we want to give you a high-level look into the elements that make up Keech Media’s video production process.

Discovery. We’ll collect information about the client’s marketing goals as well as their ideas, personality, audience, and more. Once we know our clients, we have a foundation to propose next steps for production.

Pre-Production. Building off the client-approved proposal, we talk details: timeline, resources, creative tasks, and more. “What do we need in order to make this happen?” That’s our question and our mission. Our creative team produces a script and storyboard. We gather relevant equipment as well as an itinerary, detailed shot list, and voice and visual talent. With the client’s okay, we move to production.

Production. We plan carefully during pre-production so, when it’s time for the video shoot, we can focus solely on creative production. We shoot, produce, and mix our video and audio based on the previously-approved script and shot list. It’s always fun when the client gets to see us in our element!

Post-Production. Here’s where it all comes together. Our editor makes the raw footage come alive and provides draft versions of the product to the client so they can request any changes. Once the client approves the video, we provide the mastered file in the video format of the client’s choice. We can also help them add the video to their website, promote it on social media, or place it as a TV commercial at a discount—we’re a preferred agency for Comcast Spotlight TV Advertising.

Every business has a story. Video, done right, is one of the best ways to share it. Consider steps like these as you plan your next video, and check out our other posts for more ways to get real results from your marketing.

By Keech Media | Written By Michael Finnern