Keech Media uses Cyfe Analytics because of its customizable dashboard

Our goal at Keech Media is to be more than just a digital marketing service provider. We want to partner with our clients on full-fledged solutions. Digital marketing solutions often have lots of moving parts to monitor—that’s why we love Cyfe Analytics. For our website clients, Cyfe works as a central dashboard to monitor the health metrics of these moving parts. It’s like when your dashboard monitors your car at-a-glance, except Cyfe is for your website and your digital marketing funnel.

We configure Cyfe to showcase a variety of web traffic metrics for our clients, depending on their goals. However, no matter your goals, there are some web traffic and digital marketing metrics that you need to measure. These include metrics like your website traffic count, traffic sources, and bounce rate.

Traffic Count

When is your site most visited? What times of the day? Days of the week? Did traffic result from those advertising dollars you spent? Taking a close look at metrics like these, catered to your situation and goals, will help you pinpoint which parts of your web marketing funnel are bringing results and which parts need work.

Traffic Sources

Are your visitors browsing from cities that are in your target market? Are they visiting from a website that you would expect your ideal customer to come from? Or maybe your website came up in search results—that’s great news, unless you have a high…

Bounce Rate

Google defines bounce rate as “…when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session.” A high bounce rate is almost always a bad thing. Generally, it means that people are landing on your site, saying, “this isn’t what I was looking for,” and hitting the back button. Yikes. 

You wouldn’t drive a car without a dashboard. Likewise, you shouldn’t expect your website to achieve results without web analytics. Skip them, and you’ll be blind and guessing when it comes to your digital marketing. Use them correctly, and you’ll  bring your digital marketing to a new level.



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