Rebrand with Keech Media

Our Branding Process

When it comes to small business, we’re all used to making things work or even going without certain things. Some things, though, are foundational—like your company’s brand. Your marketing strategy and materials hinge on your brand, so getting it right the first time is going to save a lot of time, money, and headache down the road.

Defining, documenting, and creating a great brand takes dedicated time and skill. Please, don’t make your own logo or finalize your own color choices without consulting a professional (unless, of course, that’s your business). Whether you’re starting something new or reviving your existing brand, you need someone who will take the time to ask the right questions, make the right recommendations, and launch the right creative process to produce a visual identity that showcases the values and unique personality of your business.

We want to show you a glimpse of our process for helping clients who need a brand or rebrand. Businesses who sign on with us for a rebrand can expect the following:

Branding Questionnaire

You’ll receive a brand design questionnaire before our first creative strategy session. Your answers will provide us with a better level of understanding of what we need to accomplish with your new brand.

Research and Brainstorm

After receiving your questionnaire, we will review your answers and start researching trends, competitors, your target audience, and other data pieces that are relevant to your industry. From this data, we’ll start putting together the elements that will best represent your brand.

Brand Inspiration Board

We will assemble an inspiration board depicting the “mood” or “feel” of your new brand. Inspiration boards convey the overall appearance and emotion we think you’ll want your audience to experience when encountering your brand.

Strategy Session

We’ll meet to discuss your answers to the branding questionnaire and unveil our inspiration board. This collaborative meeting is designed to guide the creative direction for your brand, make adjustments, and plan next steps for development.

Logo Concepts

We’ll use industry data, questionnaire answers, and notes from the strategy session to draft concepts for your new brand. This includes sketching, digitizing, and refining ideas into presentable art files for your review. This also includes selecting colors and other elements to accompany these drafted logo designs.

Review and Define

We will provide you with two or more branding board concepts to review and make refinements based on your feedback.

Brand Design Approval

Upon your approval of the final design elements, we will create your official branding board—designated to be your company’s brand guide for all marketing materials going forward.


We will provide all your branding elements in web-ready and print-ready files.

Additional Creative Services

Once your brand design is approved, we can use your new brand to create additional assets like your company letterhead, envelopes, business cards, rack cards, print or online ads, signs, banners, business forms, and much more.

Every business has a personality. An attractive brand is one of the most important ways you’ll share it with your market. It’s one of those seemingly intangible assets that will affect your marketing, sales, and, ultimately, your bottom line—so make sure it’s done right the first time.